Sunday, April 12, 2009

Down in the basement

Looking to be May's best party, at the brilliantly sleazy La Campana venue in Sydney's Spanish Quarter. And apparently the Funktion One people will be making sure that there isn't even a peep of complaint about the sound quality.

Motorcitysoul have been behind some of the funkiest tech-house emanating from Germany in recent years--deep, shimmering and infectiously bouncy. Meanwhile, The Revenge is part of the OOFT collective who have churned out a ridiculously prolific array of chugging, houseified disco re-edits (their version of Hot Chocolate's "Heaven's In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac" landed in my mixtape late last year) and have now seen the light of day on labels like Mark E's Jiscomusic.

Bring it on!


  1. I'm listening to the Revenge right now, loving it! This will be a good night : )

  2. should be good, he puts out some amazing stuff that's for sure,