Friday, August 14, 2009

Sydney Design 09: Young Blood Designers Markets—Fail!

So, like, designers markets aren't my number one Friday evening pastime, but this one was apparently pretty great last year and so Liz and I trekked to deepest, darkest Ultimo to reach the imposing Powerhouse Museum. Word had obviously got around and so we stood waiting outside, with our friends, in the cold, in a gargantuan queue tonight.

And then as we snaked closer and closer to the entrance... just 10 people from the front... we were stopped.

First it was a 10 minute wait. Then 45 minutes. And then finally "sorry, it's full, we're closing".

So it was back to the Cross, to our favourite wine bar, and some amazing cocktails. Now that was a win.

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  1. Hey Tad,

    Did you manage to catch Omar S at Spice? You would have liked his set at Laundry.