Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sacre bleu!

This Friday is looking quite the exciting night pour moi. Having been a fan for many years (since 1998 to be exact) I've managed to miss Dimitri From Paris on his many Australian jaunts. But now I not only get to see him play both a disco set and a house set, I also get to review it for and it's just doen the road from my place. Too good!

Of course, I'm not expecting this to be the late 1990s Dimitri, playing trippy deep house (but everyone should check his legendary Mixmag CD). No, I expect the mood will be overall brighter and more cheery to befit his reputation as the master of disco-house fromage. Nonetheless, lest anyone doubt his underground credentials, his latest compilation is called Nightdubbin' and features a brilliant selection of dubs, instrumentals and beat tracks from the boogie era, together with a DJ mix by re-edit pioneers The Idjut Boys.

Anyone who can milk cred from an old Wham track deserves either legend status or a good spanking, IMO.

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  1. which one did they do ... ray of sunshine? Never been a big fan but it's semi-decent b-side.